Craving Change

Life can be hectic, challenging and all sorts of crazy. If you’re craving some change, but maybeeeee not wanting to do anything big + crazy like quitting your job and traveling the world, here are some little things you can change to mix things up from your same ol’ same ol’ daily routine.

  • Lipstick: wear a bold lipstick color you’d usually pass up
  • Music: Listen to a genre that’s typically not your first pic. Music can do so much for the soul!
  • Serve: You might already be serving those around you, but do it in a way you normally wouldn’t! ie) make a lunch sack for a homeless person, pay for the person inline behind you, go to a rest home and visit with some residents! The possibilities are endless.
  • Morning Routine: add something new and different to your morning routine. Maybe a morning walk, 10 minute mediation session, or doing some yoga
  • Food: Research crazy foods and make a daring meal from a different part of the world, or a try a restaurant that you have never thought of going to!
  • Scenery: People say it all the time, “Maybe you need a change of scenery.” but it’s actually great advice! If you are use to the ocean go on an adventure in the desert! If you are used to the flat plans, go find some mountains to explore! You get the idea.
  • Conversation: when you are out and about in public, strike up a conversation with a person you normally would never talk to! Changing the norm from your day to day small talk with the people you know, can really lead to some interesting and entertaining perspectives + insights.
  • Get a new hobby: When that small talk question comes up, “What do you do for fun?” I always dread it because I don’t want to honestly admit: “ with my dog and watch Netflix?” So, picking up a new hobby was definitely a must for me for a lot of reasons. I’ve recently gotten into Tennis. I have NO idea what I am doing, but WHO THE HECK CARES. Trying something new and out of your comfort zone can really challenge you and add a little more excitement in your life!
  • Eyeliner: if you usually wear a lot of eyeliner go a day without any! If you don’t usually wear any/don’t wear very much, try a fun cat eye or wear bottom eyeliner to mix things up!
  • Treat yo’ self: switch things around a little and change how you treat your self! Take a spa day and pamper yourself, lose the meal plan for a little and let yourself have a yummy dessert, take a nap instead of cleaning the house. You’ll be surprised what a little self-love and care can do for your mindset.

Whether it’s a mundane schedule, a recent breakup, a traumatic experience, a trial, unexpected news or so on and so on, sometimes you just need change! Change can be so therapeutic and healing. Don’t doubt the power of switching a few seemingly small things up! Try some of these out and let me know what you think!




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