Craving Change

Life can be hectic, challenging and all sorts of crazy. If you're craving some change, but maybeeeee not wanting to do anything big + crazy like quitting your job and traveling the world, here are some little things you can change to mix things up from your same ol' same ol' daily routine. Lipstick: wear... Continue Reading →


10 Things You’d Rather Not Know About Me

To me, being vulnerable is the most beautiful thing a human can be. If you don't know who Brené Brown is...LOOK HER UP.  She has some serious truth bombs for you. She speaks a lot about vulnerability especially in her book, Daring Greatly. READ IT.  Not being scared to be exactly who you are can... Continue Reading →

IT IS OKAY! Some Truths of Miscarriage

Discovering that there is life growing inside you is the most magical feeling there ever was. You feel like your purpose in life instantly increases + everything becomes more important. What you eat, how you sleep, if you wear a seat belt in the car. Little decisions suddenly seem life alternating, because now a fresh... Continue Reading →

Fears + Hopes

I've thought about starting a blog for a few years now. A lot of things stopped me. a lot of FEARS stopped me. Fear of not having enough time to keep up with it. Fear of not being funny or interesting enough for people to read what i wrote. The fear that i will run out of stuff to talk about. Fear that my writing abilities won't make the cut. Fear that people will think I am dumb or clique for being another girl who started a blog. Fear that I'll make too many spelling and grammatical mistakes. WELL...if we are being honest (which is a must) I haven't overcome those specific fears, but this year I had a goal to conquer some of the many fears I have, so this is a start. Now you know a lot of the reasons I didn't want to start a blog. Let me tell you some of the reasons I did want to start one! I use to write in a journal every night, but for whatever reason somewhere between the end of high school and the start of college I completely stopped. Recently my mom moved out of one of the homes I grew up in. As i went through all of my stuff to help her move, I came across old year books, notes from high school crushes, and old homework projects. I also found all my old journals. I had a good laugh reading some of my early entries to my husband. I sat there for hours reading all the things I wrote. From young love, to broken hearts, to my testimony. It reminded me of how good it felt to write down all my worries, thoughts and dreams. It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, that we often times forget to stop for a moment and look inside ourselves to see what is really going on in our hearts and our heads. I want to look back at these times in my life and be able to know what I was thinking, dreaming, doing. So thus, a blog! My main reason for creating this little corner of the internet is to share my story... not one specific one, but just my life story. My concerns, my beliefs, my interests. I believe EVERY single human has a story to share. No matter how simple or short. Life is a journey. I want to share what's inside my soul, and maybe whatever it is will help you along your path. We are truly all just walking each other home. Welcome to A Bug's Life! Lidabug.

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